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Engine chip tuning is a process where the electronic control unit is reprogrammed, making the engine work within different parameters. The ECU chip is located in the injection system and regulates the amount of air and fuel mixture that takes place. When you reprogram this, you can tell the chip what you want to happen with this mixture.
Higher Performance
Reprogramming the chip in the injection system will give your vehicle much better performance than it had previously. This means that as a side effect, other parts will also need to be replaced. Spark plugs, distributor, wires, valves and other parts that work directly with the running of the vehicle will all benefit by the chip tuning. They should be replaced in order for the full benefits to be felt.
After the initial cost of the installation of the ECU chip, and tuning your engine to its optimal performance, you will eventually begin to see some great savings. When you change the chip you will be saving a lot of gas consumption and make the engine run smoother. There are less running costs associated with engine chip tuning than without it.
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